By LuvShawn - United States
Today, I walked home from a guy's dorm early in the morning, still wearing my dress and heels from the night before. I walked by a mother and her little daughter, who said "Mommy, why is she so dressed up so early in the morning?" and the mom replied "Because honey, she makes bad decisions." FML
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  PeeNaught  |  3

The mom wasn't stupid, you're just another dumb ass fucking slutty braud populating this already going to hell in a hand basket society...girls like you and OP don't like the stereotype, change it, instead of thinking poor of parents explaining something to their babies, especially when the parent is right...OP did say that she'd left a dudes baby ever asks and I'll tell her the same thing this mom the way, if you were my kid and I found you talking shit, especially about your elders, I'd be slapping your mouth and busting your ass, and you'd be grounded till who knows when!! Ignorant ass kids!! Damn...

By  Stupoopy  |  0

If I were you, I would have gone ahead and told the little girl what you actually were doing. That way, since the mother was not particularly kind to your situation, would have an interesting time explaining that one.

Remember that one for next time.

  Snorlax_Snarf  |  10

*You would have gone out of your way to talk to someone else'a child? There are many things wrong with doing that.

You are an idiot.
Talk to someone under 18? Instant pedo. -_-

  Sanchezzz  |  0

No offense* but I wouldnt sex you up in the first place. I bet your guy friend was even more embarrassed that you were walking out of his house. Usually his drunken neighbor is the one who brings home the barn animals from a club. (offense actually intended the whole time)* gross..

  holly_fly  |  34

You know it never said she got kicked out... Being that it says dorm, this is most likely a college student posting. She might have had class, and, being that she's in college, she might be using a cell phone alarm, which would explain her waking up so early.