By Anonymous - 16/03/2014 18:53 - United States - Wellsville

Today, I waited on a gentleman and his lady friend at my restaurant. They ordered some of the most expensive items on the menu, and I thought I'd get a nice tip. Instead, he tipped me a scrap of paper, containing a drawing of a cock jizzing on a caricature of my face, and the word "Thanks." FML
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Now that's just fucking creepy...

iLike2Teabag 27

I guess he thought giving you a "money shot" = giving you money.


Now that's just fucking creepy...

No, what would've been creepier is of it was actual jizz O.o

And he was certainly no gentleman!

Twist: it was the "lady's" idea.

If only their was some way to show that you agree without commenting "agree"

There's this incredible new feature called "thumbs up"...

iLike2Teabag 27

I guess he thought giving you a "money shot" = giving you money.

hugozac88 22

The dude is an ass I'll tell you that much.

Disturbing, very disturbing.

larrena2377 26

Welcome to the food industry..where most of the time the food sucks and people are assholes.

Perhaps he's a well-known artist who expects you to sell the drawing for millions! Optimism at its best.

then the cock-jizz scrap would have to be signed...that actually makes things worse at least for me

Some people are just the worst bottom feeders ever sorry you have to put up with them -.-

That put a lovely image in my head..

ariiewilliams 17

Well they were nice customers, weren't they?

ariiewilliams 17

Thanks for explaining, but my comment was sarcasm.

NWO666 15

23, It was obviously a sarcasm comment

ariiewilliams 17

It's fine there really are a lot of people who would comment what i did and mean it seriously.

It's supposed to be great for the skin! : )

Ma_Nikka 24

He's trying to tell you that he'll come back