By bananaman - 11/04/2011 20:07 - United Kingdom

Today, I've been on the same train for two hours at a standstill due to "signal problems". We can't get off because it's "unsafe". I'm on my way home from work and I can see my house through the window. FML
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They need to get their stuff on track. Tee hee

tans_fml 0

sounds only mildly torturous...


kick the window out :)

chester75 5

beat up the conductor as well

Finn_the_human 5

I rod the knuckle? But I'm in my element!

Mandy0325 1

just make a run for it:)

dude I live in antarctica

chester75 5

thanks for the piece of useless info 30, last time I checked NBGAF

eyez_lay_low1921 0

maybe if u yell out fire everyone will panic and your free!?

make a run for it

ImmortalKratos 0

and if that doesn't work. start an actual fire then they'll have to let you off!

gutzz 0

It's not unsafe I you make sure you get out before you get off, they are wrong.

grab some acid and slosh it on the window, it'll burn through it, then make your way to the conductors quarters and slosh some on him as well. then, laugh as he cries with utter pain. heeheheheheheehe >:D

you're an evil genius Bunny! Call the police and tell them you are being held against your will. If that doesn't work tell them you are being held against a blank sheet of paper

Jrefinne 7

MissBunny, you kind of look like Hilary Duff, and that makes your comments even creepier.

nerdytacos 3

haha I loveeee that show(:

nerdytacos 3

haha I loveeee that show(:

MissBunny, I love you man.

vasses935 0

dont worry 30, i care X3

Ohh MissBunny you just made my dayy. :)

Weetart 8

that's a damn shame.

But missbunny, the doors only open with a secret special code! Methinks you need to perform a resurrection! :X

97 continuing MissBunny's plan all you need to dø is throw some acid on the door to melt the lock

you guys got the idea ;)

Finn_the_human 5

Jam-clam I need to slow down. What I ment to say was* "I rode the knuckle train? But I'm in my element! "

fluffy_nuggets 0

make the sweet escape and swan dive out the window lol

staceysgenesis16 0

Haha , XD thats gotta suck ass .. i like the acid idea tho .. it sounds like a peefectly simple solution. lolol

MrGold 0

There is a flaw in your comment bunny, acid doesn't burn through glass. Fail

140, oh my, did I forget to put "*sarcasm*" at the bottom of my comment? do you honestly think I'm serious about any of that? even if I was, do you really think I'd care? so many questions for someone with such a small brain. stop being a thundercunt killjoy. go shave your pubic and sprinkle it on your mother's cereal. oh, yeah, stop trolling. *slings whip* yep, that's the way i roll. Love, MissBunny25

MrGold 0

You seemed pretty serious to me. Did you forget you are a stupid blonde? Go eat some of your mothers cunt nuggets stupid prostitute.

Good comeback 144. Stfu and leave. Missbunny will win.

O.O w..t....FUCK

maybe you guys should slurping on bunny

57, really, I'd say more like Ke$ha.

tans_fml 0

sounds only mildly torturous...

that really sucks op

man that souks big time!

bedburgular 0

yah you should go fuck yourself

ImaWiseGuy 5

yell terrorist and take it from there.....

They need to get their stuff on track. Tee hee

gutzz 0

psh, more like op got railed....

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giantsfan2010 23



this conversion here is pointless and confusing

this conversion here is pointless and confusing

heathersmorin 0

Who's going to yell at me for breaking up this little pattern? :-)

WTF is up with this conversation it repeats everything

patric14 0

yupyup u r life is fk up !!' I'm bored!!!!!!

avatar0810 15

tee hee? really dude, really?

Wow, deja-vu, what the hell just happened? mind blown :P


ur mom goes to college


That is just awful.

abceasyas123abc 12

Come on, it wasn't that bad! I smiled to myself as I read it (as I'm sure others did, too).

HappyCynic 0

That is just awful?


They need to get their stuff on track. Tee hee

They need to get their stuff on track. Tee hee

They need to get their stuff on track. Tee hee

I guess you could file a complaint or get yourself a car.

taticalnNinja 5

haha FYL, or just pull open the doors, it works

benjimm1 0

#6 put ur shirt on and shave ur head, u look 2 much like me haha.

haha sureee 67

How about you put your shirt on and shave your head for looking too much like him sir?

awardZu 0

Signal problems is code for Chuck Norris is waiting to kick your ass as soon as you step off the train!

askmeboutmyweine 0

chuck Norris should roundhouse kick you for such a horrible joke.

denaysanders 0