By Anonymous - United States
  Today, I used the bathroom on a bus from New York to Boston, and carefully covered the seat with twenty of the single-square toilet paper rations. As I was peeing, the bus flew over a bump and swerved sharply, and my entire naked bottom was splashed with urine and poop. It wasn't my own. FML
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By  curious2090_fml  |  0

i think people get wayyyyy to worried about what their ass skin touches. it's much more gross what your hand touches, and then touches your mouth. i think people who hover over the toilet and sprinkle it with pee are much more annoying than the countless "dirty strangers" who actually sit down.

By  rukusrazor  |  0


Too bad it's fake.

So if you weren't in the bathroom at the time.. it would have spilled inside the bathroom like it's just some normal occurance for a coach bus to spill toilet contents when it hits bumps.. If this is so, shouldn't there have already been piss and shit on the floor everywhere?