By ShowOff - 11/03/2010 08:13 - United Kingdom

Today, I tried to demonstrate to my friend how laughably dull our kitchen knives are by swiping one across my palm. Turns out Dad noticed the problem yesterday and sharpened them. FML
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Duh, you can cut yourself with a dull knife as well. YDI.

You should have demonstrated on your neck instead of your palm. Perhaps then the punishment for your stupidity would have been more suitable.


and ydi op. who does that? seriously...

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hahaha WIN! lol

@5 how is that racist? that's a product from taco bell. and to answer my question, emos do

no that's a half black half Mexican mix

wow ur a retard.

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You. OP. Are a dumbass.

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I ordered a black taco from taco bell and they gave it to me in a regular shell. I threw it back at them and demanded a black shell. They didn't have any so I took my business elsewhere. If I order a black taco I want a goddamn black taco shell.

@5 your an idiot and you fail at life.

Polionixon 2

LOL blue ur a friggin funny mother fucker hahahahhahaaa

you are a fucking retard go dad ftw!

no you fail at life. look at your sign in name

That's fucking dangerous, retard!

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Wow. Even if it was dull I wouldn't be swiping it across my bare flesh. You could've done it with bread or a steak, or something else that's not attacked to your pain sensors.

next you're gonna demonstrate how empty your dads gun is.

same thing happned to me motherfuckers

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you're an idiot this deserves a big fat bold YDI

Then all of what is being said applies to you too 81. This is simply a dumbass thing to do and the OP and 81 deserved whatever pain they got, because it wil make sure they don't do something so stupid again for a long time.

your not kayla are you? my friend from brummieland did this the other day ;)

I would do it don't b a puss

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well duh ydi.

You shoulda tried slicing youre throat

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atleast you'll have a funny story for that scar

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ROFLOLMFAOO ! thats hilarious

@78: Yeah, or how safetys always work by hitting the butt of the gun on the ground while facing the barrel towards you..

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that made me laugh

how is this racist

@78 that was the best laugh i've had off an fml post

@75 cuz you know I got spare steaks lying around to cut up


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@65 ahahahahhahahhaahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaaaaaaaahahhhhhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahharoflroflroflroflrofllmaolmaodfldfl hahahahahaah HAHAHAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$

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stfu stfu stfu stfu stfu not all emos do! thanks to your offencive comment I'm going to cut myself!!!!! x.x

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too bad it wasnt your neck.

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yea furreal ur A dumbass but sry bout ur hand anyways

i did that once with my finger. except i was like, 9. and i wabted to see if the knife was still sharp. :P haha i was a dull child.

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@#146 i completely agree 'and you cuting yourself has made me so sad that im going to go do it' seriously people saying she's emo she did it by 'accident' so get over yourselves

NEVER trust dull people with sharp knives sharp knives dull people= BAD

this was funnier than the original FML

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the knives aren't the dull thing in this situation...

I'm emo and I cut myself but not every does

Sharpest knife in the drawer...

Pft, at least it was your palm. YDI

How many stitches did ya get?

@2, yeah, seeing as how I test MY knives on the tip of my penis...

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like a MANLY MAN.

don't u mean "at least she was in the kitchen"!?

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What does YDI mean?

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you deserved it

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#185 YDI means You Deserve It.

Duh, you can cut yourself with a dull knife as well. YDI.

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Yeah, they are more dangerous than sharp ones, but thats only when using them, not when trying to be emo o.O

he said laughably dull. im think maybe ste sharpness of a screwdriver.

Yea... Knives are sharp. Cutting to show how dull they r is a nono

well that was a YDI, no exceptions

You should have demonstrated on your neck instead of your palm. Perhaps then the punishment for your stupidity would have been more suitable.

no! he doesnt deserve to die cuz he knew a knife was dull! u guys are just terrible...

But she didn't know

beware of sharks nearby.. or vampires

This made me giggle. Also, I totally imagined the look of shock on both their faces when she sliced her skin open, lol. Is that morbid? I think the OP will see the humor soon enough!

^#8 win! Just like what Bella did in New Moon. Got a papercut and vampires came pounding on her.


But they're sparkly and cold and white and gross... Why wouldn't you want them around :|

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Really, you couldn't have used paper or something?

Or a fruit or something

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Sings - It cuts like a knife.....-

"...but it feels so right"

Dumbass. YDI for sure.

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moron. YDI.