By gloria77 - United States
Today, I took my kids to visit their grandma. At one point while playing, my youngest said "shit", so I admonished her. My mom snorted and told me to "stop being such a little bitch", because it will make my kids into "lame prisses like their mother". FML
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  deviable  |  9

Hmm swearing can be healthy for you, but over using it wears out the effect. If you teach your kids not to swear often then it's better for their health. Plus someone who uses their swears sparingly tends to accumulate a better vocabulary. Thus, it is generally a good idea to teach your kids not to swear excessively.

  MMAlegendDAWT  |  0

......sooo just a question and feel free to make me look dumb....but what does admonished mean?? I think that word is keeping me from enjoying the full effect of this fml. And please don't say check the Internet....if I was too lazy to do that now I will be when you ask me too...

  moop256  |  10

I'm not from north America so I have no idea about these sort of thing everyone just seems to hate on foreigners for not knowing about western pop culture.

  Kayokku  |  1

136, it's supposed to look low-budget. It's part of their style. Honestly, some of the stuff they say and do on that show just wouldn't be as funny if it didn't look the way that it does.
Seriously though, the episode with the kids' band Moop is pretty good. Not their best, but it's still funny. x) You should look it up, they have all the episodes up at for free to watch.

  Climaxx  |  11

I'd give you mine. But then you'll have to spend most the day helping her dig every daisy out of her lawn, all while not messing up her lawn. :L

  EatnBeef  |  7

Back in my day we disciplined all them youngens hardcore. We used to hogtie them varments and drag em through town and let everyone throw stuff at em. But I reckon that was little too tough since they all died.


Yea what the fuck is wrong with these stupid mother fucking kids that don't know to to keep their fucking mouths closed from speaking shit like that. The fucking sons of bitches that teach their own fucking children how to curse. Pieces of shit. That's what they are.


It's been science-tit-fuckly proven that fucking swearing will fucking make you fucking feel better and fucking relieve stress. Ya ***hole *** **** ****** bacon **** *** armpit *** in *** with batman.
FML Devs please don't hurt me. Or above.

  ihasbrains  |  10

Agreed. There are many adults who I wouldn't think to give respect because they're so rude and haughty. Part of this whole 'kids don't have respect' is that you haven't earned it from them. Just because you are an adult doesn't mean you're entitled to it.