By helplesssssss - United States
Today, I took a shower in a beachhouse we're renting for the week. Once I get out, I realize the house doesn't supply towels, my entire family was outside in the front yard, my cell phone was upstairs, and there are no blinds. I stood under a ceiling fan naked for 20 minutes trying to dry off. FML
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  oogyboogy  |  6

i do that with my clothes dryer

  cha40_fml  |  0

yea like she couldve used the shirt she was wearing before getting in the shower or something... not just stand there for 20 minutes... and even if she did dry after 20 minutes, how did she get clothes to put on or something to cover her self to get out of the bathroom?

By  djk  |  0

why do gay faggets always have to say they moderated this and then put a smiley face? NOBODY CARES THAT YOU MODERATED IT!!! GET A LIFE!!!