By BoobSicle - 17/04/2010 23:37 - United States

Today, I took a picture of my boobs and sent it to my boyfriend, only to realize after I hit "send" that I had sent them to the taxi driver (my last phone call) who had just dropped me off at my house. He won't stop calling my phone now. FML
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nice maybe he will you free rides now

send a picture of ur bfs d!ck to him, that'll straighten him out


nice maybe he will you free rides now

bwahah! "free rides"

OP you know you meant to send it to the taxi driver don't act surprise

#12=FAIL! OP, why would you send a picture of your boobs to your boyfriend anyway? He's gonna see them in bed anyway...Plus, sending him photographical evidence like gives him the power to destroy you if you break up with him or vice versa. Of course, that depends on whether your boobs were dressed or not but my point still stands. OP, you're on the pathway to slutsvile, get off the train!

In Soviet Russia taxi drivers send boob pictures to you!

#24 FAIL lol

#25, don't you mean: "In Soviet Russia, taxi drivers send boob pictures to slutty girls and fat men?"

#24 is right and #12 is a dumb bitch

#25 In Canada we beat morons up.

#28, Im a fail because I called you a fail? Now whos still a fail?

31- you look stupid trying to start shit with me.. so you should just kick rocks 33- we both fail and what?

#34, well I still think I'm clear of the fail zone...but when someone catches me fail i will be happy to come back and form a fail club with you

36- I don't care if I fail and I was kidding when I called you fail that's why I put a lol

That's not cool. No one informed me it was Hate-On-Rose day.

39- I know right

Does there have to be a Soviet Russia joke on EVERY FML? It never was very funny.

*GASPS DRAMTICALLY* I love those jokes!

44, I didn't know side boobs could be 'cute'

In Soviet Russia jokes make you! so that means you parents did not give birth to you, therefore would not be interested in you, so would not be there for you, and since jokes are always busy they ignore you too. the lack of love robs you of your childhood so you were never a child, and since children are the future that's gets fucked up too. Without a future we are stuck in the present and destroys the illusion of time, so say goodbye to the past as well. without the past there is no history, so people wouldn't learn from mistakes, and without knowledge there is no power, an no power means no curruption, and since curruption is a crime, this joke removes crime from the world. that's a good thing right? waits for grammar Nazis and spelling KGB

Wow...I point out a fail then people like #40 have to carry it on...#39, I wasnt hating on anyone, I called out a fail. #40, if you found it THAT offensive then I'm sorry. Next time, I'll consider the fact that you're soft and fragile before opening my mouth, k?

Uh, 50, my comment was directed more at that one weird looking dude who said Rose was dumb or whatever.

Awwww...thanks a lot, #51, now I fail :( I shall now form a fail club :)

happyhak like I said I don't care if I failed:) so no hard feelings

Yeah #54 :) I didnt mean you any harm anyway

loool #1 is a win :D

exie stfu, you fail more than anyone here

you just want her to send you a boob picture

Here a fail, there a fail, everywhere a fail fail

send him a pic of your blue waffle, he will leave you alone.

What 67 said. Best part is, the driver knows where OP lives. *creepy stalker music here*

random much?

Not really, no.

ydi for not just going to your boyfriend and showing them to him

#66! Justin Bieber! omg omg omg

81, I thought you were going to be a girl and I was going to bitch at you for giving teen girls a bad name.. until I saw you're a guy. I don't even know what to say now.

lol i can imaging his face when he got the picture its like WOW WOMAN THANKS FOR THE TIP BUT IT WAS ONLY A RIDE ;)

YDI for sending pics of your boobs. Idiot.

its called being romantic and spicing up the relation u dumb fuk and its because of peoplelike u that u cant trust people and besides u have a fuking cartoon for a pic display… what would u know about a relation , u probably never had a girl or even seen a pair of boobs

if ur just sending thm I'll take a few

i an a frenchie and i' d like to Know what is blue waffle... im pretty sure its bad but I Still wanna know what it is. :0

133: look it up on if you must.

go to if you wanna date but not XML especially in the comments >_> peolpe like you are so dumb besifes how is ahd. Cuts if you can Marley See her face?

SS or it didn't happen!

Pics or it didn't happen.

dont you just hate when that happens when u send a text to the wrong person fyl

u can just get the number blocked...

yeah, but he knows where she lives...

#3 I just wanna know why she has the taxi drivers personal phone number in the first place. i wouldn't just get the number blocked, I'd move, far, far away

that is exactly what I was thinking

Here we have a Taxi Driver with a plastic fetish. YAY!

i once had a taxi driver who wanted to smoke with me n my friends

perfect for your personal taxi now!!!

You deserve it for sending boob shots in the first place. Don't you know they're gonna end up circulating the Internet anyway? That's what inevitably happens with my hoes photos;)

Shockingly, not everyone is an asshole that posts other people's nudes online.

send a picture of ur bfs d!ck to him, that'll straighten him out

lol dat sucks u hav a stalker now u can block his number and if he keeps bothering u call the freaking cops!