By BoobSicle - United States
  Today, I took a picture of my boobs and sent it to my boyfriend, only to realize after I hit "send" that I had sent them to the taxi driver (my last phone call) who had just dropped me off at my house. He won't stop calling my phone now. FML
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  happyhak  |  5

#12=FAIL! OP, why would you send a picture of your boobs to your boyfriend anyway? He's gonna see them in bed anyway...Plus, sending him photographical evidence like gives him the power to destroy you if you break up with him or vice versa. Of course, that depends on whether your boobs were dressed or not but my point still stands. OP, you're on the pathway to slutsvile, get off the train!

  Gunnybear  |  0

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waits for grammar Nazis and spelling KGB

  happyhak  |  5

Wow...I point out a fail then people like #40 have to carry it on...#39, I wasnt hating on anyone, I called out a fail. #40, if you found it THAT offensive then I'm sorry. Next time, I'll consider the fact that you're soft and fragile before opening my mouth, k?

  AngryNinja  |  1

81, I thought you were going to be a girl and I was going to bitch at you for giving teen girls a bad name.. until I saw you're a guy. I don't even know what to say now.

  jorge_69ca  |  0

its called being romantic and spicing up the relation u dumb fuk and its because of peoplelike u that u cant trust people and besides u have a fuking cartoon for a pic display… what would u know about a relation , u probably never had a girl or even seen a pair of boobs

  Allybuns  |  0

go to if you wanna date but not XML especially in the comments >_> peolpe like you are so dumb besifes how is ahd. Cuts if you can Marley See her face?

  Lozza111  |  0

#3 I just wanna know why she has the taxi drivers personal phone number in the first place. i wouldn't just get the number blocked, I'd move, far, far away

By  JoeMamas  |  0

You deserve it for sending boob shots in the first place. Don't you know they're gonna end up circulating the Internet anyway? That's what inevitably happens with my hoes photos;)