By Hunter101 - United States - Humble
  Today, I took a picture in front of my bathroom mirror and posted it on Facebook. When I checked it later, it had 20 comments on the picture. I was feeling good until I read the comments and looked at the picture again. I left my vibrator on the the bathroom counter. FML
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  xoconnie  |  8

dude, omg thats so embaressing!!! lmao quickly delete the picture! u have to be more careful where u leave that crap out

hopefully ur parents didnt comment or see it...
Moms name: honey is that what all ur friends are saying it is? :I

  lifeforce  |  2

Generally the lighting is better in a bathroom than in a bedroom or living room. I'm guilty of taking bathroom mirror pictures but I angle the camera so that my arm is extended so my face isn't covered by the camera. :P It takes a few pics to get the pic right since I can't really see the camera screen but it works as long as the mirror is relatively clean and nothing embarrassing is on the counter. haha