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You asked for it. Now all those other women will be jealous and beg their husbands to do the same. I never knew relationships had to be cookie-cutter identical.

Time to get revenge I think.

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nah. she asked for it. who gets jealous over Facebook relationships

this is gonna start a war of embarrassing pictures lol.

An impressive deduction as always, captain obvious

Thank you #12!

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#12 is definitely right

That's what the thumbs are for #56.

I have no clue what that had to do with this chain, 43

They all got seen naked in the shower! What's not to understand? Gs, it's obviously the exact same thing. That was the first thing I thought of too! Come on, what's wrong with yo... Ok I'm done.

sorry to ruin it but this is a recycled FML...

Wow. I'm sorry OP

Me too. I think everybody's missing the point - no, she shouldn't use Facebook as the model for their relationship BUT the point is, posting a photo of your significant other in an embarrassing, private moment for all her friends, family, and the world to see is absolutely humiliating and inappropriate. I don't know about you all, but I have my coworkers, boss, church friends, high school friends, family and more on my FB and it would be mortifying for them to see me like that, especially on purpose.

that does suck, kick his ass then start closing the bathroom door ;-)

That sounds pretty crappy for you

That was quality humour guys

More like bad attempt at an overused pun :you tried:

Yea I guess. It was the heat of the moment

Better than the shitty situation one

At least he tried...?

I dont get why this was thumbed down

#86: because he did not try at all.

You asked for it. Now all those other women will be jealous and beg their husbands to do the same. I never knew relationships had to be cookie-cutter identical.

He handled the situation very poorly. That's just cruel. When you're married you need to work together to make both people happy. Sounds like one crappy relationship.

Can't say the man doesn't listen.

Social media is not a representation of how happy a couple is. No need to get jealous.

In fact the ones posting pictures all the time typically are the ones fighting the most.

The fact he called her a bitch online shows he is a jerk. I mean, yes she asked for a photo to showcase, but the negative response was uncalled for. Plus he is humiliating her online.

Yes, OP's husband is a complete asshole and responded very inappropriately, but OP shouldn't have brought up the issue in the first place.

My BF and I occasionally refer to one another as bitch or asshole and no one takes it seriously... it only means what you imply by it. Who knows whether OP and her husband have the same thing or not?? And we definitely do not post pictures together to earn recognition via social media or affirm our status as 'a happy couple' and we are just fine, if not better. Humiliating OP with the toilet shot however, is just horrible.

A quote I like is "the best sign of a good relationship is no sign of it on facebook."

I would say make him sleep on the couch but you run the risk of a picture of him on the couch smiling. I think the caption might read "I don't have to sleep with the bitch tonight!"

People take social media too seriously. You post everything you want to "show off" and keep private matters to yourself. No relationship is perfect just because of a few photos.

yoi can tag him as asshole...