By datingablonde - 11/01/2013 05:20 - Australia - Attadale

Today, I told my girlfriend that my identical twin and I are not in fact related, that he's adopted, and that the only reason we look exactly the same is because we eat and drink the same things. She actually believed it. FML
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Well, you can't fix stupid and you've also gotten yourself into a hole because whenever you tell her that you were joking she's going to hate you for making her look stupid.

Wow....someone's really gullable


Wow....someone's really gullable

Mister_Triangle 21

Is it me? I'm too afraid to look at the ceiling to check

oj101 33

Off with their heads!

mzrobinson 13


If you say gullable really slowly, then it sounds like orange.


Woops.. Thought I edited my previous post. gullible*

v1kt4r 13

I think you mean stupid..

She's sounds like a keeper -_-

Hah. Thats weird, for some reason it doesn't say "dimwitted ex-girlfriend". Must be a typo.

Dumping her? Just for that? Wow, just wow.

Hey it can go both ways, she can easily dump him for making a fool out of herself.

Fool out of *her ... No self I don't know about dumping it depends on how lackluster her intelligence really is nothing worse than being in a long term relationship with someone you cannot hold an intelligent conversation with.

Dumping her** not "it"

I think he was meaning to say "I don't know about dumping, it depends...." Lol

Well, you can't fix stupid and you've also gotten yourself into a hole because whenever you tell her that you were joking she's going to hate you for making her look stupid.

MikeonFML 17

Atleast he didn't use the word vapid in his joke

I see what you did there!

He didn't MAKE her look stupid, she IS stupid.

70 - Thats not necessarily true. We all fall for jokes, and end up believing things that are so obviously not real. We all have gullible moment, so I can't say that she's stupid from this FML.

It's okay everyone! OP's username explains it.

@2 this doesn't mean he's breaking up with her, it just shows that his girlfriend is stupid,

@5 there is a reply button

That's what one gets for dating a blonde!

While i know this was meant to be a joke,I have meet plenty of really intelligent blondes and I have also met some incredibly stupid brunettes. His gf's hair color has nothing to do with how gullible she is, and while I have brown hair myself I am getting kinda sick of blondes being called dumb

Come on, chill out he meant it as a joke. A very stupid joke, that wasn't all too funny, but no need to get all up in arms about it. This is the Internet after all.

I'm sorry but I fail to see where his girlfriends hair colour was revealed. Or is that just me Wow, my bad

U_GotitDude 18

Well that sucks... But what did you expect, she's blond... FYL OP

I'm failing to see where OP stated his girlfriend had blonde hair. Or is that just me?

OP's FML username says "datingablonde."

I love it when people tell blonde jokes, yet they can't seem to be able to spell "blonde."

You can spell it both ways.

nycwrestler 17

Your girlfriend isn't the brightest bulb in the shed, but ... Actually, I don't know where I'm going with that.

The brightest crayon in the box *

RedPillSucks 31

The sharpest tool in the cake

The brightest stone in the box.

N3766 20

As long as she is hot then that's acceptable...

Well if she is'nt hot, all she has to do is have what Mila's having.

dannyfont 5

She is one of those who shouldn't be allowed to reproduce.