By ninjawhat1337 - / Monday 25 May 2009 04:14 / United States
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  cacheson  |  39

Don't be judgemental. It is actually a very thought provoking game and way more intellectually and socially involved than video games, which most people these days play. I've been playing D&D with my parents since I was 4, and I turned out to be a well-rounded and highly socialized person.

  carkdnk  |  2

D&D is awesome as well as LARPing. Be proud; be strong. Your father is obviously an asshole who deserves to meet his end in the Tomb of Horrors :-)

  cacheson  |  39

Most people I know who play D&D don't dress up. It's usually just regular people chilling and wearing regular clothes while they enjoy a very normal and social form of entertainment. And there's nothing wrong with dressing up anyway.

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