By Anonymous
Today, I told my boyfriend that eventually I want to get my ears pinned back because I think that they stick out too much. I pulled my hair back to show him, and he said, "Yeah, they're different sizes too, and the left one sticks out more than the right one." FML
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By  alycion  |  38

You obviously feel that they are an issue here. While I understand you looking for reassurance, you are always taking the chance on honesty or dry sarcasm when you bring these things up to a boyfriend. Chances are even if it’s true, he didn’t notice before, will forget about it in 5 minutes, and never notice again unless if you bring up the subject. Remember, don’t ask or insinuate questions you don’t want the answers to.

By  Brandon Medellin  |  3

I’ve had the same operation cause of the teasing I received from a kid. Be sure it’s what you want because I now have trouble fitting certain earphones and one of my ears is now pointed. Instead of saying big ears they switched to elf ears. Fml