By Anonymous - / Monday 7 December 2009 05:31 / United States
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Thanks for being an example of a good first poster; recording your opinion, THEN saying first, and not saying "FIRST!!!!!!!!!!" like an obnoxious loser. I bow to you since I have yet to be a first poster =(

  Reyo  |  2

You two are dating. Isn't being brutally honest about someone, like, 60% of the relationship? I think it's family members and other loved one are the ones who are allowed to be brutally honest to each other. Or is that just me? Either way, I told my girlfriend that her cooking sucked, and we worked on making it better (She added...WAY too much freaken salt...to everything.) She even thanked me.

  jts2  |  3

FML, or so I like to think, is meant to be for little things that **** up the day, as a form of stress release and for other people's, "lulz". It's meant to be FUNNY. Not,
"Today, I was in a horrible car crash with my wife and kids in the same vehicle. They died. I didn't get a scratch. FML"
You get my point?

  jts2  |  3

Forgot to say (the edit button's gone now), that I agree with #10: But not for the same reason. People on a site meant for humor are growing bitter.


I know! The only FML worse than this one is the one after it about the guy who felt cool "smoking" a bread stick that looked like a cigar. The comments have already been deactivated because the admins probably knew we'd go off on him lol.

By  perdix  |  29

I don't. No matter how fake and stupid the posts, we can always be creative with the comments to make them amusing.

OP: Send your boyfriend to be on American Idol. Simon will fix him so he'll never sing again, but beware, he might be so nasty and sarcastic to your bf that he comes home with his genitals in a bag (and those ain't no happy sacks.)