By Anonymous - 15/11/2010 05:08

Today, I thought my house was being broken into in the dead of night. Frightened, I dismounted a floor lamp as a make-shift weapon and crept through the house, channelling my inner Ellen Ripley. It turned out to be the wireless printer with a paper jam. FML
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hit it anyway!

Ellen Ripley? ha win


hit it anyway!

on an unrelated note...... first!

damn the mods are quick. hahaha delete this mofo's! first

rallets 22

you "dismantled" it? whatd you do, take it apart with a screwdriver or something? lmao

iSitt 0

invest in a taser

it was probably a ghost printing shit out LOL

what the fuck would a lamp do

:o are you ok?!?!

victoria023 0

who put the paper in there??? dundundunnn

Octwo 16

first of all, that robber sure sounds mechanical

Ellen Ripley? ha win

kudos on the wording :D

dtbomb 3

What noise was your printer making?

Hissing sounds maybe? They mostly come at night... mostly...

04VWR32 6

haha! that's good.

MissErikaHart 0

great south park reference !

it's a reference to the movie Aliens like the OP made with Ellen Ripley. South Park made the reference to that in the babysitting episode.

TurboTalon 0

Who was trying to print something in the middle of the night??

ShadyFTW1 0

Once again, OP is a chick marinis.

No real weapons in the room, not even a knife? I'd be carrying a combat knife and a shotgun if i heard a robber >:)

thisgirl2u 9

Your comment made me laugh, Thank you sir. :)

Yes, totally FYL that it was a printer instead of a robber that could have had a gun. You want to play hero and beat up on people? Take a karate class

ya wise ass cuz u can totally dodge a bullet with karate

azhein 0

yeah I agree with you isn't it a good thing that it was just the printer?

Turns out you were actually channeling Eleanor Rigby.

Clever. This made me grin.