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You should have said "sure!", then brought him to the brink, stopped, got up, grabbed his phone, threw it in the toilet and walked out.

You should've told him to swallow it himself. (:

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I doubt this girl is serious either, since she called him 'my guy'

get a better guy seriously. he's not worth it : ( FYL

by the sounds of it, we better hope that you said yes! :p

yeah she better have

Ahhh men will be men! Ya got a keeper if your submissive, If not then well I suppose its time to move on...

You mean if you like being a doormat. Speaking as a submissive a submissive wouldn't tolerate that. I'm serious, just because you are submissive it doesn't mean you take other people's bullshit.

i have to agree with goobian... i'm a submissive too, and unless you're into cuckolding, that type of shit isn't cool and if i were a girl and that happened to me, i'd leave him. i guess it depends on what your preferences are though. there are those that are okay with multiple partners, and then those that aren't (like myself). but since the OP posted this, even if they were in that type of relationship, obviously shows that it's not something their okay with. and this is of course assuming that OP and bf are in fact in such a relationship... just my thoughts though :) as for OP... sorry to hear that :( i'd slap him and tell him to fuck off. but that's just my passive aggressive side :D

but you're not a girl [email protected]

submissive in bed implies that u like getting dominated when ur in bed, not neglected and insulted.

85, I think what they mean here is that they're more of a pushover and let the other partner have their way more. not talking about the bedroom in this case

how charming

2 true true

errrr ,, but how about bighting?

How about spelling?

You should've told him to swallow it himself. (:

do you know how hard that is ! fuck him . just swallow

I want your hair ...

i hope you left imediatelyy. what a jerk!