By Gabi - 09/01/2010 18:00 - United Kingdom

Today, I spent about half an hour trying to decide whether to buy a top, because even though it was lovely, it was really expensive. Eventually, after deciding to buy it because I could always return it if I changed my mind, I got home and realised I'd left it on the bus. FML
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Ouch. That sucks big time. This is one of the many reasons I hate shopping. When you do find something you like it is so expensive that it takes more time to commit to buying it than it took to find it in the first place.

Happens to the best of us...


It happens, that's life, really.

to the poster: I picked it up and gave it to the bus driver ;)

YDI for saying lovely in a sentence.

You just did...

Happens to the best of us...

@46plus0 I LOVE YOU. just for your picture. lol

Not really an FML moment. Sucks, but not horrible.

awwww, thats awful OP :(

YDI for bein stupid.

Sorry bout tht ; Should of had it very close

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