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  Meh_Face  |  0

I don't think it's funny in ways. But I like the feeling that when you wear glasses, somethimes you forget that's it on, or that the fact is, you wear them too much and when your not, you forget you aren't wearing them at at.

  MagicMeds  |  0

Sure you may not notice normally, but you'd think you'd notice the difference in clarity when all of your attention is focused on your vision. But a lot of the fml was how stupid he looked in front of his girlfriend, who basically mocked him, not just the not noticing.

  kiki123_55555  |  0

my sister does that all the time. my older cousins stole her glasses once and hid them under my aunts sheets just before my little cousins decided to jump on the bed. guess who doesn't have glasses anymore. lol

By  haweb  |  0

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By  MoonTiger  |  4

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By  waterynuggets  |  0

Ok, so? This happens to people all the time, it's a funny little thing. You look for a pencil when you're holding it, or look for your glasses when they're on your head. The sad part is not that you were wearing them and your girlfriend had a little bit of fun with you, but that it took you half an hour to figure it out. After like 10 mins I'd be like, this is pathetic, they're on your damn face! But it's still pretty funny.

  YeaSo3  |  14

Dont say that.. They moderated my comment for questioning an fml!...but OP your gf is hilarious but a 1/2 hr is a bit much... Mayb she didnt really know they were there and lied and said she did