By Anonymous - 28/03/2012 06:57 - United States

Today, I spent 3 hours trying to read my dog's mind. FML
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saIty 17

"Why is my master looking at m-SQUIRRAL!!!!!"

missyj0 12

Sounds like you need a hobby..


missyj0 12

Sounds like you need a hobby..

This isn't a FML just go get a life

eh......playing video games is much easier

jojoboy 0

It's not an FML. OP just needs some human attention.. For at least 3 hours

for real. OP, they have books that tell you what's going on in a dogs'd be so much easier to read about than to try and actually do....unless you're a psychic....

I want whatever OP's been smoking.

Or op needs a social life

I_Hug_Cats 26

I think that IS Op's hobby.

Your dogs thoughts- "Oh gawd, he's staring at me again....Time to lick my nuts".

Pentium I see you on every single fml I read

Op is an idiot

Love your pic!

ParaFern7 4

Cute pic (:

I think you need to get out more

I just read this and thought, "What the **** is wrong with you?"

47- I just read your comment and said " UMad?"

Country29 16

Yeah I wonder how that went for him..

That sounds FAKE

Dogs' minds are very complex. I can read my bunny's mind, though.

yes very fun.titan quest

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Me too. Because they don't have thoughts.

saIty 17

"Why is my master looking at m-SQUIRRAL!!!!!"

EpicSquirrel 0

*run run run*

alliewillie 22

It makes me sad the you actually misspelled "squirrel".

128 - you misspelled "that" which is even sadder ;(

CrocodilePolice 5

Do you now dream of chasing mailmen and licking peoples faces?

Or humping people's legs?

Or shitting where you please?

KittyJay 3

And in the process you found out your dog has more of a life than you do... just a guess...

Did you end up chewing a bone?

StopDropNRoll 11

5 bucks says he tries again tomorrow.

No, Tomorrow he's going to try it on his cat.

lorenzoman77 7

36 people owe you 5 bucks.

WhoaItsKiernan 4

I'm surr he's trying it again now.

iloveweed69 7

I do that too

1crabbygirl 10

Must be the weed.

iloveweed69 7

Oh it is

jojoboy 0

I bet he was thinking what an idiot you are for trying to read his mind