By Anonymous - 18/10/2010 23:28 - United States

Today, I slipped and sprained my ankle while shopping for a present for my husband, who later came home and tripped over my elevated leg, hurting my ankle again. Now I have an excruciating sprain, and a spouse who's furious at me because "I shouldn't have tried to surprise him." FML
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That's not very considerate of him.

He has a point. You had no right to try be nice to him.


That's not very considerate of him.

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he sounds like the bigger idiot really.

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crack is whack, kids

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Stop being so fucking tall, then people will stop tripping over your ankles.

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Big Bird?

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12, put some clothes on.

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^this. My eyes are burning.

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He has a point. You had no right to try be nice to him.

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Of course she did! He's her husband. doesn't that give her the right to surprise him with a gift now and then?

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He was being sarcastic, and you're a dumb-ass.

hairt 4

one word - ouch. :(

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break his leg :)

Fyl for giving a shit for an ungrateful man.

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Some men just don't know how to apologize.

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Apologize for what? Also, you are a sexist bitch.

It's not sexist, some men don't. Some women also don't.

Don't give him surprise (or any) nookie for the next few weeks ;)

wow he sounds really unapreciative of you. way to accept a nice surprise from your sweetheart, by making her feel even worse. well I hope he said thank you.

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Well, don't ever try to suprise him again.

he sounds pleasant.