By sleepysophie - United States - Helena
Today, I slept over at my friend's house. Her dad made breakfast for us. While fixing a plate, my friend said, "Careful, my dad clips his nails in the kitchen." She said it with a sarcastic, joking tone, and laughed afterwards. While eating, I found a toenail in my food. Her response? "I told you." FML
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There's a new one where a guy vomits regurgitated sushi into his date's mouth.

Yeah. I don't normally have a problem with my stomach while reading these, but that FML definitely made me queasy.

By  Dracoboxer357  |  35

....and shit like this is why I'm Always polite and charming to the waitress. That trip from the Kitchen to your table isn't exactly video monitored every step of the way. :p

By  Rainhawk94  |  27

Well. Last time you eat over there. Invite your friend over and after she has soup or something say watch out my mom has a habit of putting rat poison in soup

By  HarleyBlues  |  24

Well she did warn you...