By -__- - 26/12/2015 13:41

Today, I showed my husband a recipe for the meal I wanted us to make tonight. He saw cumin was an ingredient and broke into hysterics. By the time he managed to stop laughing, he gasped that he couldn't eat something "with cumin it" and broke down laughing again. FML
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Yup, that would be tough to swallow

You've got a funny man child.


come on, it's not a big deal...

#1 You are right I don't even know how this is an FML OP's husband was just being immature, but isn't everyone at some point?

no, no, no. cum in...

You've got a funny man child.

Funny Man-child You may only pick one.

Funny none the less xD

Yup, that would be tough to swallow


I guess you could say he didn't see that ingredient cumin :D

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Great comment

Make him swallow what he makes you swallow

That's disgusting

What's long, hard, and had cum in it? ...a cucumber.

Long, hard, and full of seamen? A submarine. I know, it's not as funny when you write it out.

mds9986 24

He's turning in to a typical dad just as scheduled.

Maybe just don't use that joke around kids.

Probably need to make sure he isn't still in like 8th-10th grade, you never know... He might be a master of disguise

Not gonna lie, I laughed pretty hard at his "cumin it" joke

ScottVining 21

That meal sounds very teste