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Today, I shadowed an ultrasound technician for my future career. She did an ultrasound on me to show me how to do the job. I found out I was pregnant. FML
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Yeah, because it's impossible to get pregnant when using protection.

Its called 'Protection'. Next time use it.


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Quickest. Moderation. Ever.

second comment moderated iv seen today


To be fair, 'y' is only sometimes a vowel.

And you're not happy about this?

I dislike your comment very much.

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why is that, you're anti-choice?

People shouldn't be such idiots that they have to consider a choice, but genuine accidents can occur and people might not be ready. In which case I say go for an abortion, but the earlier the better. The earlier it is, the smaller the foetus will be, right until it's only a collection of cells (cells, which coincidentally, religions don't seem to view them as something that can be treat cruelly.).

#11, abortion is awful.

Its called 'Protection'. Next time use it.

Yeah, because it's impossible to get pregnant when using protection.

no it's possible ur dumb haha condoms can break and birth control doesn't always work either one of my family member was on birth control and she got pregnant 5 times on birth control get ur facts straight stupid hahaha

it's called sarcasm

idc haha was I talkin to u nope k bye

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Hey Doc, I can't remember. Is there something about sarcasm in your FAQ list?

Nope, but only because of the 1000 character limit. I had all kinds of other stuff to put in there, but alas, I was over the limit. Q: Why are so many commenters so sarcastic? Why don't I get their sarcasm? A: If you need to ask that, then you are clearly not smart enough to understand the concept. Move on with your life.

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DocBastard, thank you for taking the time to post those FAQ.(: Psst...maybe don't double space. We need as much information that you can possibly crammed in there.

whats with the " haha" 's?

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Edit* cram

now u can practice on urself?

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Why should she be happy she's pregnant? What if she doesn't WANT to be pregnant?

now this is funny.. and original!!

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at least you now you know so you can get it treated.

Ahem... Get it TREATED? WTF?

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Why do you sound so surprised? If you're having sex, you should be aware that pregnancy IS a possibility. This is neither an FYL or a YDI. Keep the baby if you want to, or abort it. That's pretty much it.

hahaha. love the profile description. can't say you didn't warn people

Or put it up for adoption.

Haha, thanks #15 ;)

Boaf, I have sex, but I have a very good reason to be very surprised if I find out I'm pregnant. That reason is a tiny little pill that I have to and do take every day. If she used conception and still got pregnant, she has a valid reason to be so surprised. If she didn't use it, she's stupid if she's surprised.

I agree. Congrats!