By Anonymous - United States
Today, I set up a small social gathering for a few friends. One of them didn't have a ride, so the others, who'd already shown up, went to go give him a ride. After no sign of them for a whole hour, I called to see what was wrong. They went out to eat and completely forgot about me. FML
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  Tthug  |  34

That night work if he had other friends. But then it'd just be him by himself. Do it like Superbad. Say you're too busy getting shitfaced and going to strip clubs to hang out with those bitches anymore.

  kristabelli  |  19

I think they could genuinely have forgotten. "Hey, did you guys eat? Let's go grab some dinner." "That's a great idea, I'm starving!" --It happens. I feel badly for OP though, it sucks to feel left out. :( I hope his friends felt bad, at least.