By Insensitive - Australia
Today, I sent a get well card to my friend. it wasn't until after I got home from posting it did I realise that the stamps I put on the envelope had the phrase "Let's Get Active" on them with drawings of people playing sports. My friend is in a wheelchair. FML
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Wow dude that sucks.....hopefully he didn't notice but I highly doubt that so ur screwed and ur friend might run u over with his wheel chair and then give u a card saying the same thing while he eats cheese-it's!

  shamille  |  5

i know, right? like someone is going to look at the stamp and be offended. unless the person is a stamp aficionado, don't think we have an fml here.


Exactly.... People like that want to be talked normal to. I know someone who is blind, she gets happy if you say "see you tommorow" because everyone treats her like one false word and boom there mad

By  redbluegreen  |  40

It's a "get well" card though. Think about it a little bit. The person in the wheelchair was probably injured recently and it's a bit of a slap in the face if he notices it.

If not, and they've been in a wheelchair their whole life, or the majority, it's not as bad as the OP is making it out to be.

I'm going with the first though.