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  icefshng8  |  9

114- at least the tree will live. and sometimes. the tree likely had a longer life, already reproduced and can't feel pain or emotions that the turtle can!

  commietaco  |  0

I'm joking ,chill. and I'm pretty sure if you ran over a turtle it's not feeling pain for very long. lastly, I'm not really sure turtles do have emotions. I'm pretty sure there brains are only big enough to rely purely on instinct.


Animals die. it's a fact of life. Why do you think Michael Jackson died?

it's inevitable. I've swerved slightly twice for two different squirrels and both times they ran into my tires while I was over them. Damn morons.

  LordGoober  |  13

Not all turtles are slow, and normally hitting animals are better than swerving to miss them, yeah you may have saved the animal. But you could also kill yourself or others.


I agree.
Guys, if there's a Turtle on the side of the road or Highway, please pick it up and make sure it doesn't get brutally murdered. They've been here longer help them out.