By Achoo - / Sunday 3 February 2019 11:00 / Australia - Beckenham
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By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  35

I've never heard of a sneeze being so powerful your period turns into Niagara Falls. If you were wearing a pad or tampon, it should have prevented that unless you're wearing the wrong size/style or you weren't wearing one at all. And even then, that must have been one hell of a sneeze.

  bluejello2001  |  16

It's only happened to me twice, thank goodness. But I have had a sneeze that triggered a murder scene in my underwear. Not even a heavy-duty pad had a chance.
Thank god I work in an all-female office, no one questioned me saying "I'm in the middle of Shark Week and I just sneezed. I need to go home and change."

  alycion  |  32

I have endometriosis. That is the norm for that. I am also now on blood thinners. I buy peroxide by the case. It’s saved a lot of clothes, furniture, and my car seat. I had a procedure on my butt cheek without being taken off of the blood thinners. I was grateful someone taught me that peroxide works so well on blood.

  FluffythePink  |  6

Go talk to your Dr about a Mirena Coil. My gynecologist put my first one in about 15 years ago and I only really bleed when its coming up for replacement every 4 years. Its safe for clotting disorders and warfarin users too. I have the sort of endometriosis that needed half my abdominal cavity cauterised to get it under control the first time. I cannot recommend this coil enough to any one with over enthusiastic periods. Saves a bloody fortune in sanitary supplies, too.

  BeefyQueefy  |  12

You should know by now that all women are different. This happens to A LOT of women and it's not because we don't know how to properly use or select feminine hygiene products thanks very much

By  tiredofwaiting  |  25

Periods sucks. I have embarrassing periods stories too. I ended up bleeding on my uncle's white couch and he thought I spilt juice at first then he realized it was blood. I was so embarrassed. I ran and cleaned it up so fast.

By  redlizzybeth  |  24

Truthfully, I wear depends fitflex on my bad days. I bled through everything but I work in a hospital so sometimes I can't just stop to run to the bathroom. It had saved many a pair of pants