By Anonymous - United States
Today, I rode my bike to work. Once there, I realized I forgot my bike lock. For fear of it being stolen, I quickly rode home and took my car instead. When I got home, I realized my bike was missing. Someone stole it from my backyard. FML
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By  itscalledkarma  |  0

I am refraining from voting FYL or YDI because I do not understand the logic of this.. 0.o
How is a stolen bike intimate?
How'd you have time to ride home?
Why didn't you put the bike somewhere safe if you were so concerned about it?

  ndvorsky  |  4

1 it's labeled intimate, deal with it
2 Obviously he did have time don't ask stupid questions it does not matter how he had time
3 He put it in his backyard, that is usually considered safe

By  Tbuccola  |  0

Ok...Why didn't you put it in a garage or something? Haha. Are you an over-achieving employee? Because that was extremely early for work arrival. Did you learn to use your bike lock at home, too? Sorry, champ.