By fmljae - 20/01/2011 09:11

Today, I rented a 4x4 to take my wife to a secret secluded beach for our anniversary. I got as close as I could to the spot and parked on the beach. After a few romantic hours we returned to find the car half way up the windows with water. I forgot it was king tide. FML
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fthku 13

Tide or no tide, who parks their car SO close to the beach (By that I mean the actual sea) that it gets washed with water? YDI, but at least you got a free wash! always look on the bright side of things.

You deserved this completely. I mean, it wouldn't necessarily kill you to park away from your spot, it would actually make it more romantic, walking down the beach, holding hands. It's just a case of forgetfulness, and tbh, a bit of bad planning


should have rented a boat

ulicksam 0

How can you not tell the tide is coming in? You're at the beach! YDI.

I've taken my truck on the beach many times and never had this problem! The reason? I keep it away from the water!!!! You FAILED!!!

rockell 0

wow I hope u got that extra rentals insurance :-(

who parks that close to the water first off. second who parks that's close and forgets to look at the car once while the tide was coming in. were you not in the water watching it rise and get closer and closer to your vehicle?? ydi

so what? it's a rental! as long as it starts just return it. if they say anything play dumb. I hope you bought the extra insurance!

MissFukMyLuck 0

win of the day.

so much for being romantic ;p

If you parked there to get close to your romantic spot I would presume that your spot was even closer to the water. How'd you get back to the car after you'd already drowned?

boatkicker 4

YDI for not checking the tides, both for reasons like this, and also because beaches are usually much nicer to walk on at low tide (unless it's smelly at low tide, in which case you should still check the tides to avoid that!)