By aur - France
  Today, I remember the first night I spent with my first English boyfriend. I'm French, and when we woke up, I said in my most sexy voice "Oh, I'm so dirty!" It's only when he left that I finally understood the look on his face; I wanted to have a glass of water. I was thirsty, not dirty. FML
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  Dilwann  |  27

I don't get how the French could not pronounce an 's' or at least a 't' so she'd say 'tirsty'. YDI for being bad at english. And being lazy. Go get the damn glass of water yourself.

By  megsworld  |  0

Aww. Im sorry. I hate when people forget/aren't considerate that you have an accent and don't understand what you're trying to say. My entire family has a French accent, so im used to it.

By  UConn_Huskies  |  0

@9 not close at all. wtf are you talking about? they're two completely different words. and how is this an fml? What now you have to get yourself some water instead of someone else? wow...

  bribubbles  |  10

she (having an accent) thought that dirty meant thirsty and this was her first English boyfriend she probably wanted to sound hot which is why she said it that way.