By Lucky - United States
Today, I recieved a phone call from a cruise line I had travelled on with my parents a year ago. After being told I had won a free $2,000 cruise from a sweepstakes I had entered while on the cruise. After celebrating loudly they informed me that you have to be 23 or older to collect it. I'm 17. FML
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  Samazoid  |  0

Because usually on cruise ships they just have a little check-out flier in the room that you leave in the room and they pick up. You check off stuff where you want to be entered in sweep stakes and such.

By  ithedarkknight  |  0

so you cant find someone else you trust that can get it for you... lol i dont really see the problem unless you have to have like ID showing your 23 or older when its time to go on vacation on the cruise?

By  DreMaMa  |  0

Since your never gonna get it, call them back and repeat these words exactly. " FUCK YOU THEN BITCH, HY YOU EVEN CALL ME THEN?" then have a long pause.... " Well is it possible if my mother can pick these up by any chance?"

By  AnnieLennox1954  |  0

Cruise lines are assholes. The only two cruise lines I know of who let people under 21 sail without a "guardian" are Disney (which is full of shitty little kids) and some major-league expensive Euro line. Bah!

By  EBflea  |  0

That really sucks : can you perhaps get an adult to collect it for you? There must be some way.
I mean, even if you do get caught, you're only young once.