By Spanner
Today, I realized why a female colleague keeps asking me if I'm high when I'm not. All I'm thinking when I see her is how glad I am to see her. Dilated pupils, flushed face, stupid grin on my face? I'm not high. I'm in love with her. She's married. Oh, and she wants to be my roommate for a year. FML
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By  xxWTFxx1981  |  21

Yeah that's just a bad idea say no best case scenario you hook up she leaves her husband and you wonder while dating if she will do the same to you. Trust I had same situation fell for a women who was a friend and married. Hooked up she left her husband moved in with me turned into a total nightmare. Karma came back at me for breaking up a marriage. RUN RUN RUN

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

Nope nope nope. Don’t get involved especially if you have that strong feelings for her. Tell her you’d love to but are not able to and then make up some excuse. Then keep her as a distant friend