By Petergibbons - 05/03/2010 08:01 - United States

Today, I realized I'd rather be constipated, sick, sit in long traffic lines and inadvertantly eat spoiled meat than spend another day at my shitty job. All things that happened to me today. FML
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Don't worry if you ate spoiled meat you won't be constipated for long. Buy some nice soft tissue paper, treat yourself right.


Man. You sound like a barrel of laughs. And you wonder why you don't get invited to party's much.

Hard to laugh or go to parties when you're in the loo or the car all day. Good luck finding another job in this market, OP. FYL

HMM SOUNDS LIKE TUESDAY NIGHT TO ME .....op......get another job.....if that's even possible in this economy. Hell you're in Cali GO TO TJ TO LOOK FOR A JOB XD

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become a taxi driver simple!

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That really sucks. Well I hope the spoiled meat helps your constipation  And good luck finding another job! FYL OP.

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You should be gratefl that you have a job. There are so many people out there that are having a hard time finding work. And I am sure would love to have your shitty job.

Don't worry if you ate spoiled meat you won't be constipated for long. Buy some nice soft tissue paper, treat yourself right.

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well I'm very glad you learned something. because knowledge is power. and knowing I'd half the battle. Go petergibbons!!! I choose you!!!

today is Friday and I'm at work, you're off doing all those varied things. fml buddy, fmylife!

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I'd rather comment on FML than spend time at my shitty job, but it's a real trick to do both! In this economy, just hold on to the shitty job and collect paychecks until things improve and then get a job that will encourage you to eat fresh meat.

I love how you tied the desire to eat fresh meat to being able to work in a pleasant environment. The fact that eating "non fresh" otherwise known as spoiled meat can make you sick isn't encouragement enough. Perdix, you always have the best comments! :)

Here have my pen, someone wants an autograph!

Is Initech treating you badly? You should totally hatch a plan with two of your coworkers to steal a bunch of money! Also, can you make sure Milton gets his stapler back? Im surprised no one else got that reference, yet!

Ugh, I feel like the kid raising his hand for a high five that everyone keeps passing by because they have no idea what the kid's talking about.

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Office Space lol That movie is golden

Um, yeah, idk, I'm going to have to ask you to go ahead and take this 5 for the Office Space reference. That'd be just great. >sips from ever present coffee cup<