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  jbuckets_404  |  38

MH88, he's already acknowledged his pertinent failings as a human being. No sense in beating a dead horse with your (apparent) lack of sympathy or untoward excessive anger. (Perhaps you too have some unresolved issues per the latter??? Just asking, not condemning.)

My grandparents had a plaque in their kitchen: "Don't judge a man until AFTER you've walked a mile in his shoes."

None of us here knows the full backstory/ complete circumstances NOR is he bragging about his situ in posting here. Hence the name of this site: FML.
--Shalom (in all its many nuances)!


what he thinks doesnt matter, what actions he takes does. it already sounds like he really doesnt want to be in love with that person.

let me tell you that as the chemical concoctions that love blasts into our brains wears off, it makes sense to want to look for novelty. that's how it works.

he's not a shitty person unless he actively ignores his conscience and goes for the other person.

By  jbuckets_404  |  38

OP, why would you want your utterly unavailable co-worker to carry your wife of 5 years?!
That sounds painful for both of them. ;-)

Honestly though, you need to now devote a lot more time and effort into falling back into love with your wife again - whatever that ultimately requires - to again gain any sense of happiness, stability, and most of all - honor - in your relationship.
You also definitely need to consider a work change of whatever type to eliminate all future contact with said co-worker. It ain't good for any of the 5 of you ultimately.
Good luck! :-)

By  samomaha  |  15

OP, you aren't really truly, madly deeply in love, even though it may feel like it. You might know a little bit about this person, but it's their work persona, not the real person. And unless something has been happening ebtween the two of you, iot's ot enough to consitute love. Sounds more likethat song the Supremes sang in the 60s, "Falling In Love With Love".