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  species4872  |  19

It's not so much how big but how deadly, OP is in a suburb of Sydney which is the home of the Sydney Funnel Web spider, which is the worlds most deadly spider and it will chase you. Also there are Red back's which are related to the Black Widow. The Red Backs venom is only slightly less potent then the Funnel Web but the spider is more prolific, you would not find any house without several of these lurking under something. There are also White Tail's, nasty bite. Huntsman, big, likes upper corners and ceilings but harmless. Wolf spiders, can kill dogs or cats but relatively harmless to humans. The list does continue.
By the way all the above spiders with the exception of the Red Back are wandering spiders. So come and visit us sometime.

By  species4872  |  19

Bad idea, you shouldn't indiscriminately knock off all the spiders. Some like the huntsman are quite beneficial.