By headdesk - 25/06/2014 05:41 - United States - Kaneohe

Today, I picked up a co-worker from the airport. As she got in the car, she looked over at me and said, "I'm still not sleeping with you". This was our second conversation. The first is when she asked if I could pick her up from the airport. FML
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Guess the conversation never took off.

Next time she calls you to ask for a ride, text her "I'm not even picking up the phone". :) easy as that.


Guess the conversation never took off.

So, she assumed that because you picked her up from the airport, you wanted her to repay you in sex?

"Don't flatter yourself."

Or she is the one who wants to sleep with OP and has some weird 80's ideas that the man should take the first step.

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Must've been an awkward ride back...

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Idk how assumptions make an "ass of you and me." I get the part of making an ass out of the person assuming, but not the other person, OP being this person in this situation...

#64 That pretty much only applies in more public situations that make others think bad of someone. :P Now if this had happened in a more public setting...

#63 Ahhhhh!!! That would have been more than perfect.

Hey OP you need to read my book " How to get a girl of your choice in 10 days ? " it's not for sale though .. Lol

Totally overreacting!

While I agree she overreacted, I'd like to make a suggestion to OP. NEVER get in a car alone with this woman alone again. Also, make a note of this incident and email it to yourself. That will put a time stamp on it if you ever need it. This looks like it could be heading towards harassment charges. Or even worse. If I'm wrong, no harm done. This is a case where overreacting is not a bad thing. Harassment charges are very easy to throw around.

I agree we live in a facist society after all.

Actual fascism or "fascism is a good word to describe things I don't like" fascism?

overreacting for sure. she also sounds conceited. who just assumes someone wants to sleep with them? what, people cant just be nice anymore without an ulterior motive?

RowanSpirit 9

She also could have confused him with someone else. We can't say for sure since we don't have her side of it.

I get that all the time! lol!

#125: You get a lot of women from the airport informing you that they won't sleep with you? ;-)

Next time she calls you to ask for a ride, text her "I'm not even picking up the phone". :) easy as that.

No. Go pick her up and start jerking when she gets in

He should have looked her dead in the eyes and said "oh thank God for a second there I thought you were using me to get laid."

Maybe she was just assuming you liked her?

Or maybe she was just assuming that a lot of people want to sleep with her. I think she's a little pretentious...

In all fairness, picking somebody up at the airport is a hassle and generally considered a "friend" obligation. Perhaps she got the impression that he expected something in exchange since they were barely even acquaintances.

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op should just laugh and say "don't flatter yourself"

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Friend obligations don't automatically imply sex. If she felt pressure to return some favor, she could have gotten him a gift card. I agree with #58 if this response came out of the blue.

Or came from a country where the taxi fare is you know..

Third times the charm

Being optimistic here but, it sounds like she thinks you're someone else rather than her just being really stuck up and assuming everyone wants her...maybe you can explain and this will just be a funny story somewhere down the line?

"Haha, hey Becky, remember that time when I picked you up from the airport and you assumed I wanted to have sex with you as payment? Hilarious!" Yeah... No.

Where did 'payment' come from? I said she thought he was someone else, not that she thought he wanted sex as payment. In any case, I don't really see why I have quite so many thumb downs. She said she 'still' wasn't going to have sex with him, which implies that she'd already told him she wouldn't at least once before...if OP's only spoken to her once and that issue didn't come up, then surely it's reasonable to assume she might be confusing him with someone else (most likely a co-worker that she doesn't see in person that often. Possibly even someone who actually HAS been harassing her, meaning her comment wouldn't have even been that out of line.) Obviously commenters seem to have overwhelmingly assumed she's just a total bitch, and maybe that is just the case, but does everyone really think it's completely IMPOSSIBLE that it couldn't just be a mix-up?

Yeah this was my thought as well.

Some people think that everyone is trying to sleep with them.

Funny thing is they're usually the ones that no one wants to be with, even if they're attractive, because their personality is so damn annoying.

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oh. how conceited to assume everybody would want to sleep with her. pfft.

followed by awkward silence. :o

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Why do women always equate niceness with a strong desire to have sex?

Fortunately not all women do. The ones that do are either full of themselves or must have only interacted with some really shitty men in the past.

Society dictates that nobody does nice things without expecting something in return. This is why there are so many assholes.

"Something in return" could simply be the favour returned in the future or friendship.