By musicmaniac13 - 18/03/2011 19:08 - France

Today, I performed in my school's choir concert. The girl next to me started to pass out, and I grabbed her so she wouldn't hit her head. After we were done performing and the curtains closed, my choir teacher dragged me off stage and said I was getting an F for "creating a distraction". FML
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nowIshallrise 0

could've told him what happened? if he already knew, he's a dumbass.

Sounds like ur teacher is an ass


nowIshallrise 0

could've told him what happened? if he already knew, he's a dumbass.

mayoral26 0

yeah I would definitely take this up with the principle of your school if he still tries to give you an F that you definitely don't deserve...

failblogftw 0

douche bag teacher

C6Racer 0

No, YOUR mom.

bazingaman10 0

no, no, YOUR MOM

C6Racer 0

Your grandma! What now?!

no, no, no, no, no, BALLS TO YOU

Your sister, who cheated on you with me.

so even though she was already someones sister, she decided to go and be your sister for a little while?

FFAffliction 0

Peanut butter slap biznitch!!

all the females in ur family and some in other peoples families!!!!! what do u have to say to that

chelseaheming 0

My goodness. Are you morons really going to argue about this?!

Sounds like ur teacher is an ass

Smack dat ass! No, seriously, that teacher is messed up.

br00kr 22

Hahaha my teacher is an ass also. Hahahaha she gave me an f for telling somebody else tostop cheating off of somebody else who was cheating. WHT NOW FOOLS.

Well op, you were just trying to help!(: If he can't accept that that's his problem.

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I z b , your my favorite. the first I saw ur comments I loved them. ur one of the reasons I like FML :D - no homo

Thabb 0

No, if he gives her an F that is definitely her problem too.

saturnsonic 3

your teacher must be a liberal!

TayonaC 10

well they must really hate you or you suck at singing and they finally have a reason to fail you...

If she sucks at singing there´s probably a reason to fail her right there.

musicmaniac13 0

This person is a fraud! You practically stole my nickname and then copied my story and changed it a little! And for all you assholes who were saying that I got an F cause I can't sing? I got a full ride scholarship to a performing arts school so FUCK YOU

Aww. That was sweet of you. :)

you're really beautiful, Jess, though you look older than ur age. I like that

TayonaC 10

that's pretty creepy #65

Thank you, I apreciate it. :)

sweetiffany 0

I would go tattle to the principal.

I love your pic (if it's you) how did you do it, computer effects or mask? my money's on Photoshop

I think it's one of those apps where you apply dead skin to look like a zombie.

Yeahh, definitely computer effects. If it was costume make up, it would look more contoured to her face instead of just on top of her face.

My teacher always tells us to help if someone is about to pass out on the risers. You did the right thing. Your teacher is apparently ignorant to the fact that falling, especially on the upper levels of the risers, is dangerous and painful. And he or she seems to think that someone passing out would make less of a distraction than someone helping the person.

ohlala13 2

yeah I have passed out while standing on top of the risers and nobody helped me... broke my ankle for the first time that day..

My teacher always says we are just supposed to ignore it and keep singing. That's really hard yo do though. I was at a concert one time when this girl passed out and the two guys on both sides of her caught her, picked her up, and carried her off stage. It went really smoothe and half of the choir didn't even know anything had happened

atleast you know that you did the right thing. don't let the stupid teacher ruin your day!!!

ubber_cool 0

your teacher's a cunt

Pocahontas22_fml 0

unnecessary choice of words.

but at the same time very necessary

rudegirlmania 10

is ANY adjective necessary? there is, almost always, a synonym for every adjective so, #55 your statement is pretty stupid. or dumb. or idiotic. (I think you get me)

yes an adjective is necsasary other

yes an adjective is necsasary other

Colin466 0

Rudegirl has a problem with cunt? Wow guess you hear that a lot then!

no it was completely nessecary!