By Alice - United Kingdom
Today, I passed out while I was with my boyfriend in his garden. I woke up on the concrete just outside his house. Apparently, he'd tried to carry me in, but because he was too weak, he gave up and went to watch TV. FML
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  CrewBoy  |  10

^ you've never used the phrase "Passed out?" "Hey dude, I'm sorry I was gonna come drink and kick it with you guys but I passed out." That's a pretty common phrase to say.

By  deloria_fml  |  22

Your boyfriend is a terrible human being. People don't just pass out for no reason and they shouldn't be left alone, certainly not to watch television. I'm so sorry, OP. You seem to have chosen to be with a completely apathetic moron who doesn't care about anyone other than himself. Withhold sex until he apologises.

  BulldogHoops  |  14

Overreaction much? Sure it was a douche move by OP's boyfriend but you make it seem like he used her as a shield in an armed robbery. He might just be an idiot who didn't know he was potentially endangering her.

  russellohh  |  2

No, he didn't use her as a human shield. But when a loved one randomly collapses, and you go watch tv? That's not just being stupid. Even my dog would freak out and run for help if that happened. Not only is the bf a jerk ,there's a good chance he has a pretty serious disability in there too.

  bonsaiboy26  |  1

For everyone who left negative remarks I suppose you would be equally as weak and leave your significant others right in front of the door as well. Pathetic. That's an all around tool of a move there. And op should be upset until e apologizes.

By  kyleekay  |  25

Next time you two get "frisky", stop halfway through and go watch TV. When he inevitably asks you why you stopped, you can kindly remind him that he left you outside while you were passed out.

What an ass.

  ICastillo  |  24

Damn leaving him blue balled that is a painful revenge right there.... But it sounds like this dick deserves it for just leaving her there for who knows how long.