By thelandofoz / Wednesday 14 October 2009 14:36 / United States
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By  perdix  |  29

I think you mean "belly" (As I am reading this, it says "bell" which makes no fucking sense, I hope it gets edited soon.)

She's probably told you about your paunch and you've ignored her. Now she's upping the ante by shrinking your clothes. Just hope she doesn't come at you when you're sleeping with one of those Home Liposuction machines they sell on QVC!

  chickvicious  |  0

But you shouldn't act like your mother's an idiot and show her "how to operate the washer" because you don't like the way your laundry turned out when you obviously know how to do it yourself. Grow up and wash your own clothes and don't complain when your mother is nice enough to do them for you, even if you are overweight and she wanted to remind you. Tools. (both of you!)

  Shuinoshina  |  0

No, that's when you know you need to let go of mommy's tit and do your own laundry 8|. I mean for fuck's sake. I've been doing mine since I was 15, and even before than I'd have to help out by doing a load or two.

YDI, OP, for taking advantage of your mom. Get off your ass and go clean the kitchen.