By Mayshod - 03/05/2011 12:04

Today, I met my new neighbors when they backed into my parked car. FML
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Consider this as a comment. Just not a fucking good one :)

Should have introduced yourself earlier.


Should have introduced yourself earlier.

and that would've made a differance?

Yes, then having them back into his car wouldn't be the 'first impressions' that he now has of the neighbors.

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I agree with 1 & 3

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i don't how that would have changed anything. i would have still been likw "WTF!! you hit my car!!!" lol

3 yuhr kinda right but still. that doesnt make much a difference. theyre still gonna have to pay for the damages..

haha sucks to be yiu

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I met my neighbors friends by backing into thier car. @19 you* ^^

Is that all you can say?

Those are the kinda neighbors that know how to break the ice? A car, too!

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i met my new neighbors when their punkass kids tried lighting the bushes in my yard on fire

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very true.

Paint a giant penis on their car and leave a note that says "Nice to meet you to."

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Welcome to the neigborhood!

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maybe u should hav introduced your gun -__-

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maybe he didnt gett a chance too

83 that is a beautiful car. I hope it's yours and not just some picture online.

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that's a great way for them to get a good reputation. especially as new neighbors

have a garage is the way to go !

iAmScrubs 19

There is only one solution...Road Rage!

I love road rage!! :))

nothing say -goodmorning nieghbor- like a good car bump!

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back that ass up

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awww! that really sucks! maybe they're really nicepeople though, and it'll all work out in the end!

consider it a house warming present? just not a fuckin good one

Consider this as a comment. Just not a fucking good one :)

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i like ur eyes :) lolol im not lesbo i swear xD

perdix 29

That'll teach you to park where they are used to driving. You need to give them a cake.


put shit in the cake

FMLsOhilarious 6

mmmm shit cake sounds delicious.

No its a crap.

that sucks.. charge them for the damage

Hahahahahahaha that sucks balls hope they have insurance

The new neighbors are from Germany and that means hello. Now a hit and run is basically like a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

SteelCladAngel 0

it seems to be some little cunt hit my father in law in broad daylight the other day with her car threw him up over the hood and onto the windshield

In Germany, a head on collision is French kissing. oh wait, they just hate French cars.