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  rotflqtms_  |  29

#21 There are acetaminophen tablets or suppositories for fever if you can't keep food down... (and other suppositories) For the schizophrenic patients, you have Risperdal, it can be given in tablet form or via an intramuscular injection (ouch) if you fear your patient is not swallowing. (noncompliance) There are more, but I'm taking so Long to type this, I'm almost sure the FML app won't let this go through if I add another word.

  Soloman212  |  29

You could also try jamming the pills into your ear, as the voices in my head oftentimes suggest, but I've heard (with much difficulty) that it isn't as effective as standard methods of ingestion. What? I can't hear you.

By  perdix  |  37

Was the other choice "taking it up the ass?" I'm sure your preference for oral will be most pleasing to at least some of your potential clients :)

By  killingbabyseals  |  12

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