By Workworkwork
Today, I’m trying to scrape $65 together to get the cheapest glasses possible. My partner is equally upset because she wants a Macbook to replace her working laptop. I’m only looking because I’m getting headaches from how old my current lenses are. FML
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By  blueknight1st  |  26

Ah yeah, I know that situation all to well. My ex would throw a fit every time I needed to get something that would cost any amount of money. But she would spend money all the time and would throw a fit if I said anything. Threw her out and upgraded.

By  KittyMack  |  13

Not sure what "partner" means. If you're just dating then your differing financial situations are still a problem but if you're sharing a home & joint bank accounts & all, but she expects a way larger portion of the budget than you, that's way worse. Heck even if you are just dating... if she can afford poser electronics, she can afford to at least chip in half on your glasses as a gift.
Give her a big talking to about priorities and how love means concerning oneself with the needs of one's partner, but if she won't change, sorry but you gotta admit this is a huge red flag. Self absorbed heartless brats like her are the type to cheat on you while you're in the hospital "because you weren't paying enough attention" and shit like that. Bail before she fucks you over bigtime.