By pretty_coin - 23/10/2011 01:02 - Australia

Today, I'm hiding in my own house, because my crazy neighbor wants to "play." Yesterday when I agreed, she made me spend the whole day with her, then burst into tears when I had to leave. She's been waiting outside for over two hours. FML
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BeastNerd 3

Ooh. Sounds hot.


go out there and keep yo pimp hand strong!!!


BeastNerd 3

Ooh. Sounds hot.

Carbonation 0

I'm very interested in 'play'. Age could play a very big factor in this one...

Yeah hot.. Well right up until the crying part lol.. Then hot no more!

rexgar2000 10

maybe she's just deppressed? just fuck her senseless like she wants everyday, what's wrong with that? Then if she cries when you leave just say I'll see you tomorrow.

Take lessons from the guy never being noticed in english class.

Yep, I wanna learn his powers of invisibility

aruam365 24

It's really best not to get involved emotionally or sexually with people who are clingy to an extreme like that. Often times they have some sort of mental disturbance that can endanger other people and themselves if they become irrationally upset. Which happens often with some people like that. What's best is for her to be treated for her illness with therapy and medication if needed.

Call the police if she is bothering u that much

When you see a PYT hanging out at your tree to the creep AHH do the creep OHH - and dont forget to smile >:)

OP - is this in redcliffe?

How old r u guys? I feel like I'm now on the list

PopRocks14 0

Run, OP. Run away, and never come back. EVER.

gamefreakpog 5


Michael_Kelso 0

Creepers gonna creep.

That's a nice house you have there

Shame if something were to happen to it.

Sssssssssss -boom-

Hah love the minecraft reference.

It's a yogscast reference

How is it just a yogscast reference?

Michael_Kelso 0

Because Simon always says that. The game doesn't say it.

arcticdoctorwho 0

Crazy neighbors.. we all have them.

Too bad they don't all want to "play" though. I can think of more than a few occasions where that would be perfectly acceptable.

MyChemical_fml 0

OP is squidward :O

but squidwards neighbours are awesome, hes the crazy one

gotta a bb gun?

My neighbor tried to set his house on fire. 3 times..

minecraft_fml 4



go out there and keep yo pimp hand strong!!!

What if she cuts his pimp hand off?? What is he to do then?

rroxie124 5


I couldn't of said it better myself XD

And suddenly you wake up in a beat up bathroom, hearing; 'i want to plat a game'..

I love platting games!

30 you typo nazi

Free_Candy 0

42, speaking the truth.

ieatunicorn4fun 7

Lol I luv saw

lulututu 4

It sounds like a little kid to me. Just tell her parents.

Or a crazy old lady.

ryukk_fml 3

play hide and see and ask her to hide.

RawEndo 1

lmao what if she gets angry afterwards. she might wanna play cops and robbers and keep him in "jail" forever in cuffs lol

That's what I was thinking too!

40- Your a freaking genius!! That made my life

Got to be better than "Doctors and Nurses".

There is sure to have a back door or secret door for you to escape! This is where the wardrobe from Narnia comes in handy

nikkkkkiii 7

Throw her in the wardrobe and lock it.

yeah right and ruin narnia, fuck off i like snow too much, andd skiing with a lion! wow!

ellybelly_502 4

I hate when that happens!

When does that happen?

Hey, you're OP!

rttr 18

What happened now? Follow up post please.