By I need a new ballsack. - 16/09/2014 16:20 - United Kingdom - Macclesfield

Today, I'm at that age where sitting down carries a 50/50 chance of turning my balls into scrambled eggs, a fact confirmed yet again today. Third time this week. I think it's time to switch to briefs. FML
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Ugh I hate when that happens

Dreamsorrow93 24

Do your balls hang low do they waggle to your toes, can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow? Do your balls hang low!!!


2ndSucks 15

Way to age with grace, OP.

Yeah because that's something you can control 100%.

incoherentrmblr 21

What is the female equivalent to this?...

KittehFreak 25

When one's boobs begin looking like stretched out raisins.

Ugh I hate when that happens

bigdfootball97 24

It's the worst right?! ?

DaMann360 19

Briefs are for people who want more support over comfort. Boxers are for people who cherish comfort over support. Try boxer briefs. They provide plenty support and are really comfortable. Plus, it's pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself ;)

once I switched to boxer briefs, I never looked back. only sometimes will I wear boxers to sleep if its very hot.

Umm correct me if I'm wrong. But your a girl. Girls don't have balls do they?

Get less grief when you switch to briefs

Dreamsorrow93 24

Do your balls hang low do they waggle to your toes, can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow? Do your balls hang low!!!

Can you throw them over your shoulder, like a regimental soldier...

Continental soldier...

It sounds very painful to tie your balls in a knot or a bow.

Unless you're a masochist...

you're like the modern say William Wordsworth mate! u need to publish the balls and the penis poems u have in your mind! :p

Dreamsorrow93 24

Haha it's just a parody of the children song do your ears hang low.

It'll happen again later in life. Around 70.

weirdly_cute 11

Getting old sucks. But make the most of it. Harass the young! They can't say anything if they think your senile

The way you wrote it makes it sound even more painful. I can't imagine having that happen three times a week. By the way, hilarious User name. FYL

Who needs underwear? Free yourself and go commando!

If he's complaining about boxer's (I would, those things are massively uncomfortable under pants), how would going commando help?

I must have misread. I was thinking he meant that they wear overheating.

#12 Us, girls, can't relate to this particular FML. So don't be harsh if we misunderstand.

I know the feeling. Jk

thats a ballsy comment

so ballsy that one might say you are going.... nuts?

Unfortunately, it gets worse. I work at a nursing home and sometimes certain parts of the residents unintentionally end up in the toilet bowl. Getting old sucks, but I prefer it to the alternative.

Haha I work in a nursing home, too. Aging is the pits.