By iamshrimpy - Canada
Today, I logged onto Facebook with a new notification. I got excited, until I went on to see that it was my mom commenting on my status. She had seen my friends swear in previous comments and decided to make a comment of her own. She told them, "Hey, watch out yr language!" I'm nineteen. FML
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By  happyhak  |  5

This isnt really an FML. Ive seen many of my friends, male and female, have their moms interrupt their status convos. Suck it up, OP. If its that bad, tell your mom about it.

  Kgirl2cute  |  6

yeah, could be worse - mine insisted I add them on facebook, check my posts and comments every day, make me take off anything they think is inappropriate and check who I have on my friends list.

  Wolfipoo  |  31

#98 that's why I don't use FaceBook, I won't use up any of my time on it and it also eliminates the possibility that could happen.

#109 That's all you have to say? Using text language is bad enough, but using it as a one word response shows you have no motivation.

  DaniPandi  |  22

My mother followed me :/ So I didn't know until I went on Facebook on her laptop for my friend to use. I saw a bunch of my posts on her Newsfeed, unfollowed myself, then blocked her. She thinks I deleted it.