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  Today, I learned that dirty talk does NOT get me off. My boyfriend and I were having sex and I said "I'm going to come" during the beginning of my orgasm. My orgasm immediately stopped right after I said that. I turned myself off. FML
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  PhoenixFiend  |  0

I'm so offended that someone used the word gay that way!


That's something you stop caring about after highschool. Atleast for me. And yes, Im gay. Happy and homosexual all around.

I say stuff is gay when I don't like it also.


Agree with 57, I'm gay and say stuff is 'gay' all the time.

Now the word gay has become meaningless and is rarely used in the sense that something is homosexual.

For example: Math homework is gay, but it doesn't have intercourse with other math homework of the same gender.

Loosen up 27.


FYL. That sucks a loootttt.

And in reply to the conversation concerning rude comments,
this website seems to be used by a lot of people as an outlet for their anger.
I've never seen so many people blow up at strangers for absolutely no reason.

  cuttz911  |  3

57 & 59 so for you guys, it's kinda like when a black person uses the "N" word?? LOL

OP don't really think that that's dirty talk, more like just stating what's gonna happen.


27- the term "gay" was around long before homosexuals started using it. Get over yourself, the entire world can't be PC. if we were no one would be able to speak. As if you've never said an offensive thingnin your life.

OP- That sucks! Maybe it was just a coiencidence??

  Itzy02  |  0

#68 you're stupid you spelt "cum" wrong, cum is actually slang and the proper way to
spell ir is "come."

& I think natdancer wanted ppl to agree w/ her, which is quite funny bc no one did... & yeah the word gay has lost all meaning.

  mells105  |  0

it is no big deal ok gays are just like anyone else they're not VIPs just because the like members of the same sex. saying something is so gay is the same as saying "that's so ghetto" and so on

  Taipan_fml  |  0

So, if a word loses it's meaning after being thrown around a lot, does that mean i can just start saying the n word...? I mean, it's used in a non-racial way now, right? To mean friend or just any random person? And #57, usually people stop referring to things as "gay" once they grow up, and referring to things as such does not make you sound like you're out of high school.

  NatDancer2010  |  0

Say whatever you please, I'm not one to use rude slurs. So I will "get over myself" and "loosen up", but I'm not changing my mind because of what some narrow minded strangers have to say on the internet.

  MisterDoctor  |  12

Actually 68, you're an idiot. No one reads the instructions on a condom box, but if you do, they spell "cum" as "come". The word "cum" started on the internet.