By Anonymous - 28/02/2010 14:26 - South Africa

Today, I jokingly asked my husband if he was going to make it to our first child's Christening as there was a football match on at the same time. Without hesitating, he replyed that he would just watch the recording. He meant the recording of the Christening. He was serious. FML
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I must be the only one irritated that it says "replyed" instead of "replied".

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Relax, lady, he's just kidding! He's not even going to watch the recording of the Christening. Come on, what's there to see? At that age, a baby is little more than a writhing meatloaf. What a boring video that would be!


I wonder if that wa th FIRST time he had said something so stupid

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THAT is why I'm pagan.

Introduce your child to the prospects of being your husbands annoyance :)

An insensitive husband would miss pagan rites and rituals as easily as Christian ones. OP, you already know your husband's a jerk. Let him know now that if he doesn't put your child first, you will make life unpleasant for him. Divorce him if he doesn't come around and make sure he can't afford a tv because of the support he pays.

Wouldnt the football match still be on when you're done? It's not like its interesting until the end so you know the scores (ah, the ravings of an anti-football geek :) ).

Maybe he's not Christian, you didn't say or he probably didn't even want this in the first place so you're making him AND making him miss a game. It easier to watch a game recording though.

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wat the fuck is wrong with you

Different snickerdoodles?

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This is why you plan dates properly...

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that sucks for your kid

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I'm sure the kid doesn't care!

^ true. And good for your husband for caring about his life instead of blindly following stupid traditions.

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What an asshole dude honestly its amazing how some people jyst dont give a shit about their own family

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YDI for choosing such a selfish prick to be the father of your first child.

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Yeah, because when you're 16 you're married? Pah.

yeah I know right o_O

Is this the typically obnoxious one or a different one?

gotta be a different one. nobody would procreate with the other snickers.

Apparently it's "Anonymous" now.