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  IIFenix  |  3

42- not all guys are like that don't judge the full sex by what a few morons would be like saying girls are nothing but whores...a few maybe but not all


Everyone knows you do that after 20 min in the conversation to seal the deal. Until then, a simple hello or hey would suffice. I met the love of my life on such a site, so don't degrade them too much.

  rattusrattus  |  18

"phalli-of-local-gentlemen [dot] com [slash] florida", maybe? It's a 'local interest', if your interest is penis.

If it was something like stamp collecting or tabletop gaming, well... there's no need for genitalia in those, unless you belong to a nudist group or use the Book of Erotic Fantasy...

(BTW, I don't think that website is real, but some other person can check if they want.)