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By  The_Great_Zucchi  |  14

YDI for being one of those dogowners who think that their dog won't do stuff like this. Who thinks that everybody enjoys being dribbled or jumped on and doesn't mind the fact that their dog barks all day even though it drives the neighbourhood nuts.

You should know if your dog is safe around strangers. If you know it isn't put it away when you have guests.

Learn how to take care of your dog or get rid of it.

  Melkezidech  |  0

Obviously your dog just wanted some meat, and you probally call your boss a dick when you're at home. Therefore, the dog saw the perfect opportunity and went for it. Dog Win.

  goarrows  |  0

don't put the dog down, GSD are breed to protect there family. He pry did not break the skin otherwise you have no business talking about it on FML

  hennessey  |  0

WOW. You probably shouldn't be commenting on anyones mistakes when you can't even spell a word that most people learn in grade three. Great try though!

  Phorenzix  |  0

souper is a real word, it's just not what these people are making it out to be.
a souper was a protestant, during the irish potato famine, whom supplied food to the starving.

  jasonsaied  |  1

ok douchebags even if super is real u ppl r still fucking stupid for not knowing what supper is

  Erniesduck123  |  0

To be fair, all of you are retarded. Supper, the name for the meal at the end of the day in certain English dialects is derived from the French word souper, which is still used to indicate this meal in Canadian French. Supper and souper are synonymous in some parts of Canada. Supper does not always mean the same meal for all regions in the United States and countries in the world.

  monnanon  |  13

In Britain the evening meal is either called dinner, supper or tea. I grew up saying tea/dinner as my evening meal and supper was the little snack before bed if you happened to have one. Supper is a perfectly legit word.

  tisiphone_fml  |  0

"Dinner" vs. "Supper" are interchangeable terms based on regional dialect. Some places in the English-speaking world refer to the evening meal as "Supper"and the mid-day meal as "Dinner". Most others refer to the mid-day meal as "Lunch" and the evening meal as "Dinner". Even across the US alone, the terms and their uses vary widely. However, I have also never heard the term"Souper". It seems it is in use somewhere. "Brunch" is universally a meal between Breakfast and Lunch, or at approximately 10AM.