By ThatNewCarSmell - United States - Carlsbad
Today, I held my bag of burger and fries out the window while driving, to preserve that new car smell. Not only did I hit a pothole and lose my lunch, I got pulled over by a cop who suspected I was either littering or tossing drugs when I saw him. FML
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By  mindjob  |  14

Well, did it work?

  Just_A_Tree  |  20

Did the police officer question the OP on how many pesos he spent on his drugs?

OP, I'm sorry that you don't respect the cow that died for your food enough to welcome it lovingly into your new smelling car.

But seriously, not worth it. Buy air fresheners

  Just_A_Tree  |  20

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  StiffPvtParts  |  43

That "new car smell" isn't actually a real thing. Car dealerships spray that stuff to make cars smell brand new... And I'd, I worked at a car dealership :3

  Ltsdragons  |  19

Well if OP thought it through, I'm pretty sure he would've rather preferred the smell of fried and burgers over getting pulled over and having to explain everything to the cop

  Ali_Br_fml  |  33

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